Simple Flutes


Photo by Will Gullette



Built: ..... 1995, San Francisco, California.
Dimensions: ..... Left Flute: Length 410.0 mm; bore 19.0 mm.
Middle Flute: Length 421.0 mm; bore 17.5 mm.
Right Flute: Length 558.0 mm; bore 19.0 mm.
Materials: ..... Left Flute: Acrylic.
Middle Flute: Amaranth.
Right Flute: Acrylic.
Fundamental: ..... Left Flute: G above middle C.
Middle Flute: G above middle C.
Right Flute: D above middle C.
Tunings: ..... Just Intonation.


          From my book Musical Mathematics: On the Art and Science of Acoustic Instruments (see M.M. Pages > Musical Mathematics), below please find Table 8.2(b), which gives the dimensions and tuning of the Left Flute.




(See also M.M. Pages > Flute Tone Holes.)