Musical Mathematics

on the art and science of acoustic instruments


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1. How Music and Mathematics Relate     


2. In Defense of Music’s Eternal Nature: On the Pre-eminence of Musica theorica Over Musica practica     


3. Soittimen kehittäminen kehitysvammaiselle : soitinrakennus erityispedagogiikan kontekstissa     


4. The Hurrian Pieces, ca. 1350 BCE: Part Two — From Numbered Strings to Tuned Strings     


5. La musique persane, Formalisation algébrique des structures     


6. Music and Dance of the Middle East     


7. The Ear, Music, and Math     


8. The search for a microtonal Flute     


9. Metingen en Analyse van Muziekinstrumenten     


10. The Haydn and Hummel Trumpet Concertos and Their Similarities     


11. Acoustic Resonance in Cylindrical Tubes with Side Branches     


12. Mathematical Modeling of Resonance in an Open-Ended Cylinder     


13. The Blues Scale     


14. Mathematics, Music, and the Guitar     


15. Tópicos Especiais em Luteria     


16. Curso Superior de Tecnologia em Luteria     


17. The Development of the Equal Temperament Scale: Evolution or Radical Change?     


18. The Mathematics, Physics, and Computation of Music     


19. Discovering the Art of Mathematics: Music     


20. The Celtic Lyre     


21. Music in Islamic Spiritual Care: A Review of Classical Sources     


22. Appraising Timbre: Embodiment and Affect at the Threshold of Music and Noise     


23. Theoretical Framework for Modeling Ingressive Phonation     


24. Einführung, Stimmung, und Intonation     


25. Müzik İşaretlerinde Öznitelik Belirlenmesi...     


26. Ancient Strings: Alapini Vina     


27. Music of India - a brief outline - Part sixteen     


28. In Search of the Colascione or Neapolitan Tiorba. - a Missing Link?     


29. Quantitative Analysis of Guitar Harmonic Character     


30. El pensamiento religioso en la música de Arnold Schönberg     


31. Matematica e Musicologia: la costruzione dei temperamenti     


32. Authority, Critique, and Revision in the Sanskrit Music-Theoretic Tradition: Rereading the Svara-mela-kalānidhi     


33. On The Performance of Segment Averaging of Discrete Cosine Transform Coefficients on Musical Instruments Tone Recognition     


34. Creative Musical Instrument Design     


35. The Geometry of Musical Logarithms     


36. Raga (Melodic Mode)     


37. The Birl Physical Model     


38. Komposisi “Jangkah” Klonthong Laras Pelog     


39. Natya Shastra     


40. The Oud Across Arabic Culture     


41. Vocal similarity predicts the relative attraction of musical chords     


42. Música y Matemáticas: Conexiones Entre Sonidos y Números     


43. The Foundations of Harmonic Tensions     


44. Music Across Times and Fences     


45. Physics of Musical Instrument (woodwind instrument)     


46. Islamic Civilisation Primer Series      


47. The Microtones of Bharata’s Natyashastra      


48. The Relentless Pursuit of Tone: Timbre in Popular Music      


49. Müzikte Yeni Doğuşkan Arayişi Konusunda El-Jurjani’nin 1,000
Yillik İşaret İşleme Probleminin Nihayi Çözümü

          (Max F. Meyers original tonality diamond acknowledged.)      


50. El-Kindî’nin Ud Perde Değerlerinin Gitara Uygulanmasi Ve Enis Gümüş’ün “El-Kindî” Eserinin Analizi     


51. Experimenting with woodwind instruments      


52. Síntesis de Sonido Digital de un Instrumento de Viento Usando el Método de la
Transformación del Funcional


53. Foundations In Music Psychology: Theory and Research     


54. Η Εξέλιξη των Μουσικών Συστημάτων: Μια Διδακτική Ιστορικο–Μαθηματική Προσέγγιση σε Μαθητές της Γ΄ Γυμνασίου του Μουσικού Σχολείου     


55. Microtonality and the Struggle for Fretlessness in the Digital Age       


56. Workshop Pembuatan Instrumen Dan Penyusunan Musik Bambuuntuk Peserta “Festival Swara Deling 2015” Di Surakarta       


57. Avanti Dilettanti– Lasst das Cello ertönen!     


58. تاريخ علوم الموسيقى عند العرب وعند العجم        

      English machine translation site


59. Music as Biology