Building Original Concert-quality Acoustic Musical Instruments



...a perspective and experience of Progress in the construction

and playing of microtonal instruments tuned in just intonation...



Manuals, Tools, and Parts








Canons Soundboard Support Posts Manual  


Chrysalises Stringing Manual  


Diamond Marimbas Cords and Knots Manual  


Diamond Marimbas Foam Cutting Manual  


Diamond Marimbas Resonator Channels Manual  


Glassdance Manual  


String Winder Ball-Thrust Bearings Manual  


String Winder Operation Manual  




Bass Marimba Parts  


Canons Tools and Parts  


Chrysalises Tools and Parts  


Diamond Marimbas Tools and Parts  


Glassdance Tools and Parts  


Jigs and Extra Parts  


Just Keys Tools and Parts  


String Winder Tools and Parts