Bass Canon


Photo by Will Gullette





Blue Nights, by Cris Forster

David Boyden, Bass Canon
Heidi Forster, Glassdance
Isabelle Jotterand, Just Keys
Benjamin Koscielak, Bass Marimba






Built: ..... 1989, San Francisco, California.
Dimensions:  ..... Total number of strings: 72.
String length: 1200.0 mm.
Canon length: 50 in.
Canon height: 5 in.
Canon width: 42.0 in.
Height on upper side: 52.0 in.
Height on lower side: 31 in.
Materials: ..... Sitka spruce, Honduras rosewood, birch, teak,
delrin, kydex, aluminum, brass, and steel.
Range: ..... Open strings: Second G below middle C.
Tuning: ..... Just Intonation.


          The 72 open strings of the Bass Canon sound one octave below the Harmonic/Melodic Canon. I used the String Winder to make the strings for this instrument because long, thin, and highly flexible wound strings in this frequency range are not available from commercial manufacturers.